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This set of webpages was inspired by a friends request for me to list some books I had read and would recommend to him. *grin* So I listed only those books I read at least 3 times or more. The 40 books listed below are only the ones I thought my friend should read first. They are listed in Title aphabetical order. I didn't assign any priorty of which books to read first just that these 40 were more significant than those listed on the author's pages.

I found Fantastic Fiction Website a very useful resource for finding old books published by authors I am interrested in. Here is the URL to the website: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/


      Recommended Authors and Books      
  Authors   Recommended books Books to Read First  
1 Robert  Adams Link A Canticle for Leibowitz  by Walter M Miller
2 Poul Anderson Link A Hymn Before Battle  by John Ringo
3 Kevin J.  Anderson Link A World Out of Time  by Larry Niven
4 Piers Anthony Link Armor  by John Steakley
5 Isaac  Asimov Link Berserker  by Fred Saberhagen
6 Robert Asprin Link Citizen of the Galaxy  by Robert Heinlein
7 Bill Baldwin Link Cobra  by Timothy Zahn
8 Steven Barnes Link Coils  by Roger Zelazny & Fred Saberhagen
9 James Blish Link Doorways in the Sand  by Roger Zelazny
10 Reginald  Bretnor Link Dorsai!  by Gordon R. Dickson
11 Patricia Briggs Link Emergence  by David R. Palmer
12 David Brin Link Empire of the East  by Fred Saberhagen
13 Terry Brooks Link Fallen Angels  by Laryy Niven & Michael Flynn & Jerry Pournelle
14 Steven Brust Link Galactic Odyssey  by Keith Laumer
15 Chris Bunch Link Hammer of Darkness  by L.E. Modesitt, Jr
16 Edgar Rice  Burroughs Link Little Fuzzy  by H Beam Piper
17 Don Callander Link Live Free or Die  by John Ringo
18 Orson Scott  Card Link Off Armageddon Reef  by David Weber
19 Jack L. Chalker Link On Basilisk Station  by David Weber
20 C. J. Cherryh Link Pawn of Prophecy  by David Eddings
21 Allen Cole Link Planet Run  by Keith Laumer & Gordon R Dickson
22 Glen Cook Link Ringworld  by Larry Niven
23 Rick Cook Link Silverlock  by John Myers Myers
24 L Sprague de Camp Link Spinneret  by Timothy Zahn
25 Susan Dexter Link Star Soldiers  by Andre Norton
26 Gordon R.  Dickson Link The Alien Dark  by Diana G. Galiagher
27 Stephen  Donaldson Link The Blackcollar  by Timothy Zahn
28 Debra Doyle Link The Destiny Makers  by Mike Shupp
29 David Drake Link The Helmsman  by Bill Baldwin
30 Dave Duncan Link The Kundalini Equation  by Steven Barnes
31 David Eddings Link The Man Who Never Missed  by Steve Perry
32 Raymond E.  Feist Link The Misenchanted Sword by Lawrence Watt-Evans
33 Eric Flint Link The Morphodite  by M. A. Foster
34 Alan Dean Foster Link The Peace War  by Vernor Vinge
35 M. A. Foster Link The Ship Who Sang  by Anne McCaffrey
36 Leo Frankowski Link The True Game (omnibus)  by Sheri S. Tepper
37 Robert Frezza Link The Walkaway Clause  by John Dalmas
38 Esther Friesner Link The Winds of Gath  by E.C. Tubb
39 W. Michael  Gear Link There Will Be Dragons  by John Ringo
40 David Gerrold Link Threshold  by David R. Palmer 
41 Simon R. Green Link
42 Harry Harrison Link
43 Elizabeth Haydon Link
44 Robert Heinlein Link
45 Robin Hobb Link
46 James P.  Hogan Link
47 Charles Ingrid Link
48 J. V. Jones Link
49 Robert Jordan Link
50 Mercedes Lackey Link
51 Keith  Laumer Link
52 James D. MacDonald Link
53 Julian May Link
54 Anne  McCaffrey Link
55 Lois  McMaster Bujold Link
56 Walter M. Miller Link
57 L. E.  Modesitt, Jr Link
58 Donald Moffitt Link
59 Elizabeth Moon Link
60 John Moore Link
61 Moira J. Moore Link
62 Janet Morris Link
63 John Myers  Myers Link
64 Larry Niven Link
65 Andre Norton Link
66 Jody Lynn Nye Link
67 Kevin O'Donnell Link
68 David R. Palmer Link
69 Steve Perry Link
70 H Beam Piper Link
71 Frederik Pohl Link
72 Jerry Pournelle Link
73 Paul  Preuss Link
74 John Ringo Link
75 Spider Robinson Link
76 Joel Rosenberg Link
77 Kristine Kathryn Rusch Link
78 Fred Saberhagen Link
79 Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Link
80 James  Schmitz Link
81 Rick Shelley Link
82 David Sherman Link
83 Mike Shupp Link
84 Robert  Silverberg Link
85 Dan Simmons Link
86 Dean Wesley Smith Link
87 Christopher Stasheff Link
88 S. M. Stirling Link
89 Sheri S.  Tepper Link
90 E. C.  Tubb Link
91 Harry Turtledove Link
92 A. E.  van Vogt Link
93 Vernor Vinge Link
94 Lawrence Watt-Evans Link
95 David Weber Link
96 Tad  Williams Link
97 Michael Z. Williamson Link
98 Timothy  Zahn Link
99 Roger Zelazny Link


Last updated on March 10, 2011

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