Remembering My Pets

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A picture of my cat Faith

My Cat - Snowball

1984 - 1994

While riding our bikes behind a local shopping mall, my father and I, came across two abandoned male kittens about 6 weeks old. A yellow tabby cat we named Tiger and this one in the picture, which we named Snowball.

Snowball had one green eye and one blue eye. I never could get him to pose for me where I could photograph his extrodinary eyes.

I think of him as my $5,000 dollar cat because he cost me that much in medical fees after he had his front leg broken by a 70lbs Akita Dog in a neighbor's yard. Snowball was about 5 years old when he was injured. He lived to the age of 10+ years. He also decided he liked living with one of my neighbors behind my house more than with me. Heh ... ungrateful cat.

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