My Holloween Dragon Costume Obsession

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This Holloween Costume started when
 I got a great deal on a latex mask.

The above photograph was one of the extras I had left over after having a work I.D. created with me IN COSTUME ...heh. The Mask is show exactly how I bought it.


The above black and white photograph is how my costume looked the first year I used the mask.
The mask is only half head coverage, meaning it left the back side exposed. cover the back half of the mask I used a black hood attacked with chrome button snaps to the mask and hood which I installed.
The robe is a black monk's robe I purchased at a Holloween Costuming store. The cape is Vampires cape which is black on the outside and RED on the inside. I used skeleton gloves to go with the theme of the mask.
Oh yeah...the sword you see...its real...heh...I refered to it as my small paper cutter for the copy center where I worked at.
Now you may have noticed the sword belt I am wearing...its a 6 inch wide weight lifter's safety belt. I got it from Tandy Leather as part of my Leather carving hobby/obsession ...thus the reason you see this wild costume on my leather carving example website. If you look close you can see that the sword is in a sheath...yep...I made that using leather and wood. In the future I will upload a digital photo of that sheath and sword for a better view.
I went out to a local bar that Holloween season and placed 3rd in their Best Costume Competition. ...Prize was a $50 bar tab. ...I don't drink ...but my friends did... heh...lucky them.
Placing 3rd started my 10 year obsession of slowly improving my costume. I bought more decorative swords and created more decorations out of leather...which ended in the next photograph.
Winning version of my Costume.
October 1999 ... I won a $500 cash prise at a local pub with this version.

 If you look close you can see my unadorned sword belt is now highly decorated with celtic knotwork patterns. The standard staff has a leather top cap to which I attached a dragon claw made of resin. (The staff lights in the dark up when I turn on my mini mag flash light.)

The armor is made of leather, some of which I bought from Atlanta Cutlery and tailored to my size, and some is my original work. The vambraces, shoulder pieces,  and greaves were purchased from Atlanta Cutlery. (I ran out of time to make my own.) The Sheild, sword belt and chest armor are all my work.
The sheild isn't well displayed in the above photograph and really does deserve a better showing... heh.
Now don't run away because I took off my mask...:p

The shield is totally made of leather. I found the pattern in one of my trade magazines and you see the result of my obsession with improving my costume meeting up with dragon themed artwork ...heh.

It took me about 10 hours to carve the sheild and about 2 hours to airbrush it. In the off season I use it as a wall hanging.


Jan. 24, 2011

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