Remembering My Pets

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A picture of my cat Faith

My Dogs - Gator and Buster

Gator is the blond dog on the left. He was found on the side of highway road named Alligator Alley abandoned as a puppy.We had to call him Gator to remember his origins

When Gator arrived at my home he was so small he could walk UNDER Snowball's belly with out lifting him up. Gator didn't stay that small though, heh, he grew in size, 3ft at the shoulder and 70lbs in weight. Tiger and Snowball use to steal HIS food even after Gator was nearly his full adult hight. The best our Vetrinarian could guess at was that Gator was part Great Dane and Part Irish Setter.

Buster is the red dog on the right. He was given to us by a neighbor as a puppy. He was part German Sheppard and Akita. At the age of 4 Buster ran away and never returned.

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Last updated on October 25, 2012

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